Tuesday, September 4, 2007

One Light - The Idea behind it

Hi, my name is Angad Singh. I am thirteen years old and I live in Alpharetta GA. This summer I worked on a short film called ‘One Light’ that celebrates the oneness of all people. I want to share with you the idea behind it and how we all can take a baby step to making this world a better place.


I just came back from a 3 week Duke University TIP program after completing a course on International Relations. We learnt that a major source of conflict in this world is dwelling on differences, whether they are in religions, cultures or races. The next is; fear of the unknown. Often that fear stems from ignorance. So I thought; what if we started with acknowledging similarities between people and slowly learn about uniqueness each one has to offer. Then there will be no ignorance about each other and hence no fear and no conflict.


USA is such a melting pot of different cultures, ethnicities and thoughts but we often don’t take time to learn about each other. So, with this project my goal is to bridge the gap of differences and fear of unknown between people, and celebrate the similarities that we as the human race share.


With that in mind, I made this short film through which I can share my idea, process and experience with the world community in the hope to inspire many others.I think a good way to start would be to get to know our own neighbors.

My neighbors were asked the following questions for the footage shooting:
1. Tell me about your background

2. Tell me what the source of conflicts in the world are and how can we as individuals bridge the gaps in human race

3. Ask me what you want to know about me, my culture, my religion or anything else

4. What parallels do you draw with my background and yours

5. What did you learn in this session and

6. What is your message to the world ?


I was thrilled to see what my neighbors had to say. I am hopeful and inspired, connected and charged.


Difference can be made in this world with baby steps and this is my baby step in the direction to resolving world conflicts.

I invite you to read about my work, see the film and share your baby step with everyone.
********************To a friendlier world!!! ******************************
Angad Singh


Anonymous said...

Angad, I can't tell you how impressed I am with your project. I is worthy of someone many years beyond yours. You are truly doing something good for the world. I hope the video gets distributed well and viewed by many people. It gives one a moment to reflect on our purpose in this life as well as our connectedness with one another and the Universe.
Patwant Kaur

Pavneet said...
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Pavneet said...

Hi! Angad.
You did make a great impression while you were at Akal International Camp and I can imagine that the thought of such a great initiative could have sprouted in your beautiful mind. Good luck with its publicity. It is really impressive. God bless you.

pritamKaur said...

hey Angad Singh Ji,

Luv your thoughts, and your work towards peace which is admirable and noble.
Last year, when I first came across your account on the film, I was touched. And many Sikhs boys and girls and take a leaf from you to do that most Sikhs, living in past memories, cant come out of the negativity and try to work towards achieving with a stable state of mind and heart.
YOu can !!!!!!Waheguru ji's lots lots kirpa with you.